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Speech Therapy

Finally, a comprehensive and intuitive platform designed specifically for Speech Language Pathologists and their clients.

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Real Talk = Real Results

Caseload Management


Easily navigate and filter your entire caseload, launch a session from within a client profile and review overall progress across different time frames or therapy goals.

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Do you run your own practice? Onboard and Offboard Speech Therapists, assign new clients and receive comprehensive reporting on progress, session duration and homework.


View the big picture of each client or focus on the details of every session note, goal progression, homework assignment or therapy metric; all capable of being filtered by days, weeks or months.

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We ensure that all your client profiles are ready and accessible. Our profile import program will enable you to get working immediately.

Data Collection And Progress



Replace your pen and paper with our easy-to-use interface allowing you freedom to structure a session the way you want to. Data collection is evidence-based and uniquely efficient.


Score your sessions once and the Real Talk app immediately builds a robust data profile. Analyze session metrics related to client improvements, goal progress as well as simplifying the billing process.


Use your therapy data to analyze and understand how each client is progressing over time, share and export metrics as needed. Build accountability and a thorough, data-driven picture of your work as a Speech Therapist.


Client Connection 



Leverage the built-in resource library to formulate and send homework assignments to parents directly. The application keeps track of when parents open and review the tasks you give them. You can also setup text message reminders that will gently inform them of the assignments each week.


As a Speech Therapist, you know the unique challenges involved in not only equipping parents to help their children beyond a therapy session, but giving them helpful resources to do so. The Real Talk app is built to foster a productive and collaborative connection between Therapists and parents.


Parents can view their child's therapy experience and receive a clear and consistent perspective of progress. Therapists can enable direct communication and help clarify any questions parents may have as they work with their children at home.

Are you a Speech Therapist?

We would love to hear from you! While we continue developing final versions of our mobile application and digital products, we're looking for additional insights and feedback from our target user-group. If you're a Speech Language Pathologist, please contact us.


More about us.


We are a team comprised of career professionals who strongly believe in the power of technology to engage and delight Speech Therapists and their clients. With over a decade of combined experience in software operations, business and speech language pathology, the Real Talk team understands what you and your clients need. We are determined to deliver an incredible set of tools and technologies that improves how you manage and provide real good therapy to your clients.


We are passionate about building a completely modern, organized, integrated platform, exclusively for Speech Language Pathologists and their clients. We want to see SLPs enabled to focus on providing great therapy, not drowning in paperwork and manual processes.


You use mobile applications daily and are familiar with the impact they can have. Much of the technology powering speech therapy today is nearly a decade behind and losing pace quickly.

The Real Talk app taps into the latest and greatest APIs, software frameworks, content experience and user experience designs available for iOS. We would love to give you much more detail on all the awesome features and technologies we're incorporating into our product. We know you and your clients will simply love Real Talk.

Get in touch.

Thank you!

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